Deep in the Northern Finland forests grows the hidden treasure – HILLA, cloudberry.

Rare and valuable, fresh and original, pure and colorful, HILLA describes the Finnish wilderness at its best. Finding HILLAs may take you some time and a lot of hiking.

However, tasting this unique berry will be worth the effort.


Studio HILLA is a designer group formed by three individual textile and surface designers.

Just like the cloudberry consists of multiple seeds, Designer Studio HILLA consists of talents with different backgrounds, experiences and unique styles within textile, surface, fashion, accessories and graphic design. We build our core on versatility, professionalism and renewal.

The strength in our expression is naturally the Scandinavian taste,

but we also draw influences from other cultures. The combination is what makes our designs delicious.


We, in Studio HILLA strive to create unique and long lasting designs for textiles and fashion.

Our mutual objective is to create designs that will stay alive and bring joy and warmth to people’s lives.  It is important for us to work with our cooperatives honouring the nature and the environment. We value long lasting business relationships and invest in them by working hard and honestly for our customers. 


Like HILLAs are orange, the color of joy and warmth, we make our designs with happiness and heart. Join us in following the STUDIO HILLA story and find the wilderness in you!