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Jenni Laurila
Jenni Laurila is a qualified textile designer (BA).

Jenni loves comics, weird music and cats. Besides design, she likes to write. She works together with Ari Loukasmäki in creative studio Yellow Coconut. Just like coconuts their goals are set high!
Tuula Wilén
Wiula Design was born from love to textiles and established by Tuula Wilén. The enterprise offers print designs, design services for textile products and design and sizing services for apparel.

Tuula is textile teacher (M.Ed) and fashion designer (BA) and her prints are often inspired by the nature and the colors and the rhythms of the landscape. Tuula likes the interaction between the design and the product and she loves to see the designs coming alive in products.
Irina Ylänne
Irina Ylänne is a qualified textile designer (BA) and her strengths are in print design and jacquard.

As a very creative designer Irina loves exploring different materials. She is inspired by colours, layering and movement.
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